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Jigsaw Blade bosch T118A Flexible for Metal V.K Electricals are leading dealer and distributor of Jigsaw Blades Flexible for Metal in Pune.
Bosch Diamond Cutter We are authorized dealer of Bosch Diamond Cutter with features the right disc for the highest demands on lifetime with 10mm segment height and Good cutting quality without rough edges, even in extra-hard fine stone slabs and marble.
Bosch Hammer Drill Bits Drilling at Bosch begins with the speed and power of the Daredevil spade bit along with the toughness of the Daredevil auger, which takes on embedded nails.
Bosch Jigsaw Blade No other company makes as many jig saw blades for as many applications as Bosch. That’s more than six billion blades to date. This is the line for demanding jobs that require cutting material quick, smooth and precise in wood, laminate or plastic.
Bosch Chisel We are authorized dealer of Bosch Chisel with functions Constant Electronic, Power Control, Auto-Lock, Infinitely variable speed control, Forward/reverse operation, Overload clutch, Electronic, Dust extraction and Bosch SDS System.
Bosch Cutting Wheel We are authorized dealer of Bosch Cutting Wheel.
Bosch Grinding Wheel We are authorized dealer of Bosch Grinding Wheel.
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